Monday, December 17, 2007

The UPLB Faculty Follies

December is such a pleasant month living in Los Banos. We rarely use the air conditioner this month until January because the air becomes much cooler with the gentle wind caressing the abundant plants and foliage more often. Another source of excitement during this month is the UPLB Faculty Follies. As the title suggests, this is the time when teachers and other UPLB staff display their talents other than teaching. My younger son says this is the time for goofing off.

It was particularly special for me this year because my older son who is a new instructor at UPLB was one of the dancers for the College of Arts and Sciences. As a very proud father, I captured this milestone in my old videocam. My wife, who was at that time preparing our younger son for the second screening test of the Philippine Science High School, was thankful that I recorded this proud moment because she was able to watch our son perform and at the same time, taught our other son.

I became bolder and uploaded many of the video clips in the YouTube. I am now a proud contributor of 27 video clips, UPLB Faculty Follies and my wife's office party in the YouTube. Last time I checked, I have more than 1000 hits in the YouTube. Please visit

This is another kind of satisfaction for me!

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