Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cafe Solana - Rockpoint Hotel, Spa & Restaurant

In my weekly drive to San Juan, Batangas, I pass by the Rockpoint Hotel right before Villa Escudero in San Pablo. This hotel has an interesting architecture from the highway that I promised myself that I will visit it some time soon. The opportunity came this weekend when my wife and I brought my mother-in-law back to her home in San Juan after her monthly doctor's appointment. I was so sleepy during our drive back to Los Banos that my wife enjoined me to have coffee. She suggested that we try Cafe Solana which is in the Rockpoint Hotel.

We were ushered by a very friendly guard
into the Cafe that has a somewhat Mediterranean ambience -- with deep cushioned chairs in orange, some in green and red curtains that covers only a third of the wide windows! We had the place all to ourselves. After the club sandwich, pancit canton and coffee, my wife said that she should have convinced me to drop by the nearby Max's Restaurant instead. But the hotel has some promise -- it offers massage and reflexology, a very large and attractive room for weddings and other celebrations. Also, Klowns Araneta comedians will be performing on 25 August 2007.