Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leaving on a Jet plane

Twenty-one years ago I left the country with my four-year-old daughter and my 18-month-old son to join my wife at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. That was our first trip to the US - for all of us and was very difficult for me because I was flying solo. I have two luggages and a box of our worldly possessions and a backpack with diapers, water, milk and feeding bottles. After 15 hours of flying we finally arrived in Seattle. I don't remember anymore how I handled our luggages and two young children.

Last Thursday, my wife and I saw this "baby" leave on a jet plane, on his own, to do his graduate studies in the State of Georgia. It was more of a feeling of sadness than of joy to see my son leave our sight. When he was going to board my wife hugged him crying and told our son to do good. When it was my turn, I told him to do his very best in his work and his studies. I showed no tears until when I was writing an email to his would be guardian in school - a day after. I was not being honest in not showing that I was also sad that he is leaving our side after 22 years. I was crying, I missed my son!

He arrived in Georgia, after three plane changes and almost 24 hours of travel. I have talked to him already on the phone lately and he is adjusting to a new life in a different culture. We have already exchanged text and emails and I am glad that he is ready to face new challenges in his new life. I came to realize what our parents were feeling when we were away twenty years ago - that we were also missed.

What goes around, turns around or is it what turns around, goes around!