Sunday, November 25, 2007

Los Banos Internment Camp

I am an amateur historian, reading anything I can on local history. In the last six months I have been reading on and off about the infamous Los Banos Internment Camp, and I would like to share with you some of the maps I have been lucky to unearth in Macarthur Memorial in Arlington, Virginia - via internet. I would like to thank the Museum Curator for giving me copies of maps about the camp. I have to give him the pictures of Baker Hall, Animal Husbandry arch, Old Infirmary building, Old Animal Husbandry building in exchange for the maps he send me from their archive. He promised (Jaime Zobel) to send me more as he finds them in the museum. I am grateful to him because I have not seen any map about the camp, until now when I am 54 years old. The first picture is an aerial photo of the interment camp taken during the raid in 1945. The second picture is the camp itself, locate Baker Hall to easily orient yourself with the map, the third and fourth photographs were maps used in the rescue. Please email me if you any questions about the map, I might be able to answer it.