Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh My Yogurt

Today being a holiday in Los Banos - Banamos Festival, my son and I went to SM Calamba to buy some things for a Physics project he is working on. Went to Ace Hardware to look for the things he needed but could not find any- we eventually decided just to buy the electrical things in Eusebio's Electrical store in LB. It was almost 12 noon and I asked my son where he would like to have lunch (teenage kids are always hungry)  and without hesitation he answered back, "Dad, Mang Inasal."  So Mang Inasal, it is! As expected Mang Inasal is always full and you have to wait for a table to free itself from the hungry customers. After a sumptous lunch with my pitso and his pork barbecue, we decided to have some  ice cream, we ended up with "Oh My Yogurt". Since it was self-service my son and I poured some yogurt on our paper cups. Thinking it would only cost us around P50 to  P60 pesos each, we lined up at the cash register- and there we saw the small sign "P20 per oz". We could not pour it back - it cost us more than we had for lunch. Anyway, there is no turning back - we just enjoyed our ice-cold yogurt and promised not to eat there again. And friends that is why they call their store "Oh My Yogurt!"

PS. After that episode we watch Rowan Atkinson's new movie "Johnny English - Reborn" - it was better than the yogurt - hahaha!