Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Pleasure Place

About two weeks ago there was this article written by Jackie Lou Blanco of a beautiful lady who bakes bread without egg and butter. So my wife, being a diet conscious person because of her diabetes, got the cell number and ordered a bread which she calls "Thorough Bread" a heavy bread with 100% whole wheat flour, flaxseed meal, wholeground bulgur crack wheat, psyllium husks, assortment of fruits and nuts, assortment of oats, bran, seeds, maple and blackstrap unsulphured molasses. The lady said that all pickups will be at "The Pleasure Place".

The Pleasure Place is located in Metrowalk mall at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Julia Vargas St, before Ortigas Home Depot. My wife and I went there after office and parked infront of Metrowalk. We could not find The Pleasure Place in the front stores of the mall. My wife went to left side of the wide plaza of the mall, I proceeded and walked slowly looking for store signs, to the right. Later my wife told me that she went to a restaurant and asked the staff and the guard where The Pleasure Place is. She told me that the staff and the guard were giggling and foolishly smiling. Later on I saw my wife going towards me, and I told her that I found the place, without asking around.

She was a little hesitant to enter the store, and the store revealed itself to us. It is like a store I saw in Berlin four years ago, where things like that is as ordinary as a sari-sari store in every corner here in PI. So we entered and my wife told the sales ladies that we ordered Thorough Bread and we are here to pick it up. As the sales lady was packing the bread, I went around and feasted my eyes on other things that they were selling that does not smell like bread. I would not describe it here in detail cause some readers may get offended. In short their main merchandize are sex toys, sexy things of all kinds and sizes.

So we came to know, why the restaurant staff and guard were giggling, they were laughing about these two middle-aged persons who were looking for a store that sell things used to enhance sexual pleasure. Honestly,we were there looking for a nutritious bread and ended up with a new discovery.

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